Yes. In Texas you are required to take this class – the Basic Rider Course designed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation – to obtain your license. Even if you have experience, you are required to take the Basic Rider Course.
Students should bring plenty of water or Gatorade, snacks and a folding chair if you wish to sit during the breaks. Water is provided but feel free to bring whatever you wish to stay hydrated.
As long as your undamaged helmet is DOT approved feel free to bring your own helmet. Gloves must be full fingered.
Take the certificate we give you (called the MSB-8) to the DPS licensing office. The certificate shows that you have taken the class and passed the course. If you are over 18 and have a driver’s license (Class C) you will be issued the motorcycle license, or M endorsement, at that time with no other written or driving test required.
For the Basic Rider Course you do not need to have any motorcycling experience, however you should be able to ride a bicycle. You will need to have the ability to balance and stabilize a two-wheeled vehicle prior to beginning the class.
The eCourse must be taken within 30 days of the course and you must bring the certificate to the first day of class.
Students who are 15 - 17 years old are required by the State of Texas to complete the classroom portion of Driver's Education. Once you have obtained your certificate to get your driver's permit, or if you have your permit or driver's license, you are eligible to attend the Basic Rider Course. A parent or legal guardian must accompany a minor to class on the first day of class to fill out necessary paperwork and waivers for the student. Upon your enrollment we provide a Waiver and Medical Release form that is required by the Texas Department of Public Safety.
Courses will be conducted regardless of the weather forecast. In the event of unsafe surface conditions (example: ice on the streets), we will notify you to reschedule the class, based on your contact information you provide us at the time of registration. Rain, heat, wind, and snow flurries are not causes for cancellation. We work around these types of conditions as best as possible keeping our student’s safety a top priority. You should always dress for the weather and be prepared for any type of weather. Texas weather can change without warning. Pay special attention to unbearable summer heat and extreme winter wind chills.
The Basic Rider Course is designed to allow the majority of riders to develop the essential road riding skills within the standard course structure. Not everyone will be successful on his or her first attempt.
Spaces in the courses are limited. If you do not attend or if you show up more than 15 minutes late, and do not provide us with at least two (2) business days notice you will forfeit your course fee. Once you have signed up and paid for training, it is not refundable unless Texas Moto has to cancel a course and is unable to move you to another course.
Very little! Other than they are a few miles apart. Both have excellent riding surfaces in secured areas; both have restrooms and refreshments nearby; and both ranges are the same.
We provide the training bikes and we recommend you use those. If you want to bring your own, please email us to make arrangements and make sure it meets training bike criteria in size and weight. You will have to sign a waiver in case your vehicle is damaged during class. Remember that even if you have riding experience, you will likely be in a class with up to 7 others who are brand new riders.
We ride rain or shine – but not in lightning or hail. If rain is predicted, wear your rain gear. If the weather makes riding dangerous, then the instructor will call for the class to be rescheduled.
Yes! The Basic Rider Course is a well-designed curriculum developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) to teach absolute beginners. It starts with the fundamentals and builds your knowledge and experience over the course of 14 exercises.
This class provides a safe way to try motorcycling with expert instruction. Motorcycling is not for everyone, and you may decide it’s not for you. Or you may have a hard time but want to try again. You are welcome to take the class again but we can’t offer it for free, because it is expensive to hold this class. Although no school can guarantee that you will pass the class, we find that at least 95% of our students do pass the first time. The small percent that come back for a second class usually pass then.
Moderately difficult. You will learn lots of material, and you’ll have to use your brain and your physical skills together. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed and the material is delivered section by section, so you learn something and then build on it. Most people who come ready, rested and relaxed do very well.
The Basic Rider Class can be taken on a motorcycle or a scooter. If you have any interest in riding a motorcycle this is the best place to learn. You can start on a motorcycle and switch to a scooter but you cannot start on a scooter and switch to a motorcycle. If you have no interest in motorcycles and only want to ride a scooter we can provide a scooter for you. Please contact us in advance so that we can arrange to have a scooter for you at the location of your choice.
Yes. The law requires a motorcycle license even for a small 49cc scooter. (note: 2009 is when the course became mandatory; motorcycle license has always been required for any street legal vehicle).
Texas Moto Academy can provide no legal opinion on this question. If you were ticketed for riding without a license, you may be required to take the class to get the ticket dismissed or reduced. If you were ticketed for a moving violation but you had a motorcycle license, check before you take the class. It may or may not count as “defensive driving.” These legal issues are ultimately up to a judge, so we can’t guarantee any particular outcome.
Texas Moto Academy offers a variety of motorcycles for students in the class. Several of our bikes are the Kawasaki Z 125 Pro, Kawasaki Eliminator 125, a small user friendly cruiser style motorcycle with a low seat height. Other bikes include the Suzuki GZ250, Yamaha TW200, and Honda Grom. You will most likely get to choose the bike you ride but the final decision is always left up to the instructor.
Our policy requires 48 hours to cancel or reschedule, so that we can fill that spot. Space is very limited (8 students per class) so it’s important for us to fill every spot. If you cancel, reschedule, or don’t complete the class, please expect to pay for another spot. Each class is like a plane trip – you can’t take an old or half-used ticket and use it for another flight.